The Revd Ben Kerridge

Fr Ben Kerridge was ordained priest in Petertide 2015 and is serving in Hornsey.

Being a Pastoral Assistant was frenetic, endlessly varied, great fun and an important experience of living in community. We lived in the Camden Urban Mission House, which was a typical 1970s vicarage. It was comfortable, warm and spacious.

At first I felt quite nervous about working as a Teaching Assistant in a primary school, but it got much easier as I got to know the kids. The greatest challenge was gaining the ability to walk up to people and start a conversation with them. It was really exciting to minister in London because of the enormous variety of people’s ethnic and social backgrounds. I most enjoyed the chaplaincy work at the Mental Health Unit in St Pancras Hospital.

I’d recommend being a Pastoral Assistant without question. It’s one of the best ways of experimenting to get to know how public ministry might feel for you. It was really helpful to say the offices together every day and have the possibility to go to daily Mass. Both have helped me to grow spiritually. After my year in Camden I went to train for ordination at the College of the Resurrection, Mirfield.