The Revd Alice Whalley

261391_10152542661535551_2086035478_nalicewThe Revd Alice Whalley was ordained Deacon in Petertide 2014 and is serving her title in Moulsecoomb in the Diocese of Chichester.

Being a Pastoral Assistant was the best two years of my life. We lived in a spare vicarage in the parish. It was a great house, much better than my student house! I probably most enjoyed my work at The Well, which is a drop-in centre for sex-workers and homeless women in Kings Cross.

The thing I felt most nervous about at first was working in the Night Shelter, but I soon discovered there was nothing to be worried about and it was huge fun. Every day brought challenges. It made me completely re-address what Christianity was all about and it had an impact on every area of my life all the time.

London has absolutely everything. Everything that life can throw at you gets thrown at you – several times a day. I would definitely recommend being a Pastoral Assistant because whatever you decide to do afterwards you’ll have learnt a lot about yourself and your faith and you will have helped real people. I feel I grew a lot spiritually. I’d gone from praying in Church on Sundays to praying with people several times every day. Communal prayer is really important for growing closer to God.

After being a Pastoral Assistant in North London I went to train for ordination at St Stephen’s House, Oxford.