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Life Together

A key aspect of the Pastoral Assistant experience is living an intentional life of prayer and service in community. Learning to love and respect one’s colleagues is a vital element of formation for life in the Church.

We do not think of Pastoral Assistants simply lodging in the same place but we aim to cultivate a purposeful common life for the support and enjoyment of all, remembering the words of the Psalmist, “How very good and pleasant it is, when kindred dwell together in unity” (Ps 133. 1)

We offer excellent accommodation to our Pastoral Assistants and we also value the hospitality they are able to provide to the wider parish and beyond.

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Supervision and Support

Each Pastoral Assistant is offered a weekly time of supervision with an experienced priest. This is to make sure Pastoral Assistants have the opportunity to reflect on their experience and discuss the pastoral situations they have experienced.

Supervisors are also particularly keen to help Pastoral Assistants who are considering ordination to navigate their way through the selection process. Many former PAs are now at theological college or serving the Church as priests up and down the country.

In addition to regular supervision in the parish, we expect our PAs to participate in the Diocese of London’s Pastoral Assistant Support Group. There is also a monthly lecture to help PAs engage with basic themes in Christian doctrine, Biblical study and moral theology.