Our Vision

Our project is based in Camden, Tottenham and Hornsey, in the Edmonton Area of the Diocese of London. We believe that energised parish ministry is one of the greatest glories of the Church of England and we have a two-fold vision that undergirds all our work.

First, we are committed to offering bright, enthusiastic, young Christian people the opportunity to work in our parishes to the greater glory of God and for the building up of the Church.

Second, we want to make a positive contribution to the life of the Church of England, by providing a steady stream of gifted, young candidates for ordination, who have been fired with enthusiasm for priestly ministry by the experience of life in our vibrant Anglo-Catholic parishes.

If you sense that the Lord might be calling you in some way to offer your life to him, we hope you will enjoy finding out about the life and work of Pastoral Assistants here in North London.

Our website will tell you more about our vision for Pastoral Assistants and about the places in which we work. You can find out about the people who are serving here this year and read about what past Pastoral Assistants have gone on to do.

We give details of the terms and conditions of the work and you can fill out an application form online.